Kitchen Remodeling Services in Watertown and Oconomowoc, WI


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Two of the most common remodeling requests among our customers are kitchens and bathrooms. These rooms are used frequently, and changing the structure and style of these rooms can revive the room and house altogether. We can help you transform your living space, whether you want to remodel one of these rooms or your entire home.

We have locally custom made cabinets using black walnut, hickory, maple and oak. Let us know what you prefer and we'll make it.
A home that used kitchen remodeling services in Watertown, WI

The Way You Want

If you want to leave some items and replace others, we will happily work with you. We can also completely gut a room and start over if necessary. We invite you on-site so we can customize your room the way that will work for you and your family.

Great Service, Great Budget

Our professionals are familiar with costs that many inexperienced contractors do not account for, and we can stay within or below budget when completing a project. Work with us and know, by the end of the project, your remodeled room will look great, and the cost will be within budget.

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Many people remodel their homes to add value to them. Whether it’s the exterior or interior, Wolf Exteriors & Remodeling will give you the style you’re looking for. Enjoy the atmosphere for years to come with the new structure we give you. Call us to schedule an appointment.