Do you currently have wood shingles on your home that are in need of replacement? You may be tired of dealing with issues like wood rot and want to change the siding to a more practical material. Thankfully, there are many alternatives to wood siding out there that require much less maintenance from the homeowner. Here are 5 materials you have to choose from.


Many homeowners are weary of using fiber cement material because the name has the word cement in it. Fiber cement actually uses a mix of concrete and fiberglass, which helps the material remain durable over the years.

It is common to see fiber cement siding material with a warranty that is good for 30 years, and a 10-year warranty on the stain or paint. That is quite a big chunk of time during which you do not need to worry about the material breaking down prematurely. It helps guarantee that you'll get a minimum of 30 years out of fiber cement siding material before it needs replacement.

Many homeowners pick vinyl siding because it is cheap and durable. The large spectrum of colors that the vinyl material comes in also means you'll have no problem finding one you like. You should have no issues selecting a color that goes well with your home's existing exterior.

You may not be aware that vinyl siding is also capable of being manufactured to simulate the appearance of other materials. For instance, if you always liked the look of wood shingles, but hated the maintenance, you can actually purchase vinyl siding that resembles wood.

Vinyl siding does not require any maintenance other than cleaning when it is dirty, which makes it a perfect choice for homeowners when they’re looking for one less thing to worry about.

Were you never a fan of how aluminum siding needed to be painted? You can now purchase aluminum material that had a coating of metal powder applied to it. The coating prevents the necessity of painting aluminum siding, leaving the job of washing the dirt off as the only required maintenance.

You can also have aluminum siding created in seamless sections that match the exact size of your home. It creates less waste during the installation and will help stop water from getting past the seams and forming mold on the rear of the siding material.

Cedar Shake
While cedar shake is made of wood, it is quite different than typical wood siding. Cedar shake has the benefit of being pressure treated during manufacturing, which will help prevent all those problems that you had with traditional wood. Decay, moisture, and insects should not be a concern with cedar shake.

However, cedar shake does require more maintenance than other material. In addition to cleaning, the siding must be periodically sealed to remain resistant to damage. The individual shakes can crack over the years as well, which will require replacing individual sections of the material.

Masonry Veneer
Have you always wondered what your home would look like with bricks? It is possible to simulate the aesthetic of brick with masonry veneer home siding. The material gives off the appearance of bricks by using a panel of masonry that attaches to your home like normal siding.

Masonry siding will be much more affordable than real brick due to the materials and easy installation. The masonry also provides similar benefits to bricks, such as being fireproof.

If you are ready to decide on the siding material for your home? Wolf Exteriors & Remodeling can assist with performing the installation of your new siding for you.