Your windows do more than just let sunlight in — they keep the cold, rain and other elements out of your house. On top of these benefits, they also add an extra sense of décor to your home's exterior. When there's a crack, a chip or some other kind of damage, you lose the protection and aesthetic value of your windows.

What can you do when the neighbor's baseball bounces in through your front window or you notice a crack that's slowly making its way down the glass? You could just tape the window, or you could add a piece of plastic sheeting over it. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself fixes are unsightly and won’t hold up as well against the elements. 

Even though they may be temporary repairs, DIY fixes aren't actually going to solve the problem. In the end, failing to properly repair your windows may cause you more problems than you'd think. Before repairing your windows on your own, learn more about how windows affect the appearance and energy efficiency of your home. 

Energy Loss
Windows that aren't energy efficient can account for up to 30 percent of your home's heating loss, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Now imagine that your windows have cracks, chips or something else wrong with them. Damaged windows or uneven frames can let the weather in and your home's heating and air conditioning out.

While a few hours or even a few days won't make a major impact, weeks of living with a broken window will cost you when it comes to your home's energy bills. Your best bet is to have an expert come in and repair the broken area or replace the glass and frame. 

Professional repair and replacement services work to seal your home's heat and air conditioning in and makes your HVAC system work more efficiently. Even though a professional window repair may cost you money now, it will save you from having extra-high energy bills later on. 

Spreading Cracks 
That tiny little crack doesn't seem like a bid deal. You can barely see it and your curtains kind of hide it anyway. However, you should never just leave a crack as is. The crack may spread and grow, eventually moving across the entire piece of glass. As your windows heat and cool suddenly, it's possible that the crack will get worse or case a risky situation. 

Instead of waiting to see if the crack grows, take care of it right away. A window repair contractor can replace the pane and keep your home safe. 

Curb Appeal
Energy costs and the possibility of a crack spreading aren't the issues to consider. If you're selling your home, you may not want to spend the money fixing a small crack or a chipped pane of glass. Does this mean you should just leave your windows as is? Probably not. 

Curb appeal is a major issue when it comes to a home's aesthetics. When it comes to recouping the money you spend on home improvements, a full window replacement can give your back roughly 73 percent of what you spent. Such a high cost-recoup value shows that windows are important when it comes to your home. 

Making sure that your windows look just right is absolutely essential if you want your home's exterior appearance to make a positive impression. While you don't necessarily have to replace all of your windows, having a professional repair them can make a major difference in terms of its curb appeal. 

Ready to repair your windows? The professionals at Wolf Exteriors & Remodeling can repair or replace your home’s windows so your home is energy efficient and appealing.