Your home is your castle, and you should want your castle to remain appealing and valuable for many years to come. To protect your investment, you will need to cleanmaintainrepair and replace parts of your home as necessary over time.
Considering that your exterior siding acts as a shell and a layer of protection for your home, ensuring it is functional, clean and appealing is essential. 

Unfortunately, you may not realize your siding is in distress until it is too late. Without proper care, your vinyl siding will wear down, increasing the risk of water damage and mold while also decreasing the curb appeal and value of your house. If you experience one of these signs, it is time to consider turning to professionals for a vinyl siding replacement. 

There Is Visible Damage 

Visible damage to your vinyl siding is a sure sign it needs to be replaced. Of course, many homeowners do not know what constitutes damaged siding. 

Vinyl pieces may become loose after a storm. Securing the pieces back into place is possible. However, if multiple pieces are loose, there may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. 

Excessive moisture can cause the vinyl siding pieces to warp and loosen, so your home should be inspected for water damage if you notice a good amount of visible damage to the exterior. 
The sun and heat can also cause your vinyl to warp and loosen. If there are no signs of moisture even though the vinyl is warping and yellowing, replacing the sun-damaged siding is smart. 
Also, check the siding for dry rot. While most common in fiber cement or wood shake siding, dry rot is also a problem with homes that have vinyl siding. 

Fungi can grow under your siding if there are high levels of moisture present. This fungal growth will spread across the home, rotting away the wood under your vinyl. Tap a few areas of your siding with the rubber handle of a tool. If there is dry rot, the siding will begin to break apart after you tap. 

The Siding Is Old
When it comes to your home, age is not just a number. If your vinyl siding is old, consider replacing it. Vinyl siding is durable and will stand the test of time, but it is not meant to last forever. 

Most manufacturers warranty vinyl siding for up to 50 years. In some instances, manufacturers may offer a lifetime warranty. It is important to note that these warranties are usually prorated, meaning the older your vinyl siding is, the less the manufacturer will pay if you make a warranty claim. 

Your Home Needs an Update
If you are moving into a home that requires a cosmetic update, or if you just want to add some personality and color to your existing home, replacing the siding is a great place to start.

Vinyl not only is available in a variety of colors but also can be installed in a variety of styles and designs. Choose from a simple beige siding installed horizontally or opt for a more modern look with a darker vinyl that is installed vertically on your home's exterior.

The combinations of color and design ensure you can add enormous personality and appeal to your home.

You Want to Increase Value
Professional landscaping, a kitchen remodel or a room addition will all add value to your home, but replacing your siding is one of the best projects for a high return on your investment.

Since it improves aesthetics, is easy to install and is virtually maintenance free, vinyl siding can offer you an estimated 78.2 percent return on your investment.

To update your home in an efficient and effective manner, consider new vinyl siding. To learn more about siding and windows, contact Wolf Exteriors and Remodeling today.